The New Jerusalem Temple of the Living God is a Kingdom Ministry of Excellence. Our primary goal is to satisfy our covenant members and those who worship with us.


Men’s Ministry

Bringing together men to develop, build and encourage God-likeness. The brethren walk in unity to empower ministry through their leadership and abilities. Leading by example, mentors young men and boys in the ministry to be the priest of their homes and communities.

Women’s Ministry

To bring women together to develop, build and encourage God-likeness. The sisterhood bridge gaps and learn to enjoy and experience the virtue of womanhood. To be an asset not a hindrance in ministry. Teaching young women to be chaste, resourceful, and submissive.

Youth Ministry

To educate, develop and encourage our youth into their God-likeness. To train them for spiritual success in holiness and equip them with their tools (the Word) for practical living. To encourage their expressions and their individuality in God. To show them how they can enjoy life, their youth and still be the “Chosen” and the “Peculiar” for Him

Marriage Enrichment Ministry

To bring married couples together and seek ways to improve, strengthen and enrich their marriage and their relationship with God through biblical principles. To allow fellowship, play, sharing of ideas and experiences to encourage and build onto a foundation for a successful and blessed marriage.

“Singles With Purpose” Ministry

This ministry is designed to bring singles by choice and by default together to encourage, strengthen, and form alliances. To develop into the wholeness of God and discover the purpose of their current lifestyle. To fellowship, study the word, take excursions, learn what it means to “date” and ultimately enjoy life to the fullest.

Ministry of Music and Expressions

This ministry enhance and assist in the worship and praise aspect of ministry

  • Musicians
  • Promises
  • Mass Choir
  • Junior Choir
  • Praise Dancers
  • Praise and Worship
  • Soldiers of Warfare

Outreach Ministry

This ministry helps publish the gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ and the local church in the way of N.J.T.O.L.G.

  • Evangelism/Door-to-Door
  • Video/Tape/CD’s
  • Public Relations

Ministry of Helps and Governments

This ministry helps and administration, which assists in the upkeep of the ministry, be it spiritual and/or natural.

  • Presbyters
  • Armor-bearers
  • Ministers and Teachers
  • Intercessors and Warriors
  • Doorkeepers
  • Administrators
  • Safety/Security
  • Trustees

Hospitality and Ministry of Comfort

This is a ministry consists of

  • Pastor Care
  • Greeters
  • Visiting Sick and Shut-in
  • Van
  • Benevolence/Love Baskets and Cards
  • Administrators
  • Special Days Food and Decorations

HOPE (Helping Other People Escape) Ministry

This ministry is for ministry members and the community at large. Not a handout, but empowerment through shared biblical principles.

  • Food Bank
  • Home Furnishings
  • Housing
  • Clothing/Shoes/Coats
  • Household Supplies
  • Career Training
  • Personal Needs, Females, Elderly, etc.
  • Children’s Needs (Toys, School, etc.)
  • Life Skills, Training/Counseling